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They notice only your mistakes

today and WOW is there not so much truth in this? “No one notices your tears, no one notices your sadness, no one notices your pains, but they all notice your mistakes. As I read that, it got me to thinking about the reasons why this happens. I have realized that hurt people hurt people. Think about that “Hurt People Hurt People”. It is true that people who are hurt are the ones who hurt people.

You never find someone that is not hurting on the inside and see them say let me hurt these people just because. I guess reality is that we are all hurt people because if you lived any on this earth you have been hurt by someone.

When someone lashes out at you, do you best not to lash back because that is where major mis-communication comes from. Try and see things from their point of view. I am not saying that their point of view is right but remember how someone sees life whether real or not is their reality and until they can see beyond what they think, they will always see life through their eyes.

Sometimes you may even learn something about yourself when you try and see life through others point of view. Maybe its you who could change and God is bringing this person into your life in such a way to help you see your short comings.

We all have tears, pains and sadness within us which causes us to make bad choices. The goal should be to start seeing life through a different point of view so that you can start making better choices. I say choices because I honestly do not believe in mistakes but bad choices. Many times we call things mistakes in order to justify why we did it.

How many times have you seen someone cheat on their spouse to then beg for forgiveness because of their mistake but how is cheating a mistake? Its NOT a mistake but a choice. In fact before you crossed that sacred line, you probably made at least 20 bad choices leading up to where you crossed the line.

So all in all, its time for us to love more on each other and be the listening board for people especially when they have been hurt. Help them heal so that they do not go and hurt more people. Give advice when they ask or if you have that kind of relationship but until then be their listening board because many times people do not need your solution, they need your ear and heart. In most cases they already know the solution they need to do.

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