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The law of nature

My mother used to say ‘What goes around, comes around’ When I was young I was sarcastic, a liar and violent. What I got in return was nothing. Eventually I pushed away everyone. The friends that I did have were surface friends that were never there when I needed them. I hated everyone and everything, blamed all my problems on others. I wound up in abusive relationships because that was all I understood. Bad things happened because that was the vibe I gave out. The final straw for me was becoming the victim of a violent crime. That was it, I had to decide after that to die or change.

How did I change? I became sympathetic then empathetic. I did volunteer work. My past brought me closer to ‘wounded’ people because I understood their pain. Slowly I noticed I was being treated differently, I was being treated well. I was valued. Then I found love with a wonderful man and I found friends who I will have forever. I have a son who has known only love and is my greatest joy. I have told him about my past and taught him that what comes around goes around.

I have all that is important in life. There is nothing want nothing and I have all I need. I’m not rich, far from it, but I am content. I donate money to Kiva when I can, I support Save the Children, I volunteer as a literacy teacher for kids with ADD, ADHD, dyslexics, etc.  Because I give generously of myself, live a life of kindness and am more concerned with the plight of others than myself, my life is good. I am still as sarcastic as hell but in a funny way, but beware I will will rip you a new one if you piss me off, which is very difficult to do I have few buttons. I am still me, I am just a better me.

Bad things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people. If your a shit, no one is going to give a damn about you. Why should they help you if they get nothing in return but a snarl. Experiment: smie at an elderly person when your grocery shopping, notice what you get in return. A smile. How does that make you feel? The reward you get from being kind is joy and the knowledge that if you falter there will be someone to lift you up. My husband is the nicest guy I know. He is a music teacher who is loved by his students, parents and staff. If there is something he needs for his program, the parents step up and buy it as soon as they hear about it. Its Karma.

How ever you define it – Karma, What goes around comes around, you get what you pay for, bad things happen to bad people, etc. If you do good, it WILL come back to you. If you do bad it will come back to you as well, but it will bite you in the ass when it gets there.

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