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Tearful Uber Eats driver asks how he’s meant to survive as customer tips him 84p

An Uber Eats worker has urged people to tip delivery drivers more if they can afford to after driving for an hour, only to receive a $1.19 (84p) from a customer.

In a powerful video shared to TikTok, Smithson Michael who posts under the name @deliveryguy100, cried as he explained his experience of working for food delivery companies in the US such as Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Sitting in his car, he wipes a tear away as he talks to the camera, saying: “I wish people knew what it was like to deliver Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, all these companies.

“I just spent an hour driving around for $1.19 tip. I mean would it hurt y’all to tip us, throw us five dollars?

Smithson Michael on TikTok
He urged people to tip delivery drivers more (Image: TikTok)

“I got a $1.19 tip and $2 from the app. What’s that? That’s not even enough to cover gas.

“How am I supposed to live like that?

“Homeless? I’m there. This and I’m sitting here and it’s gone, four months behind. There’s no way I could pay for that.”

He continues: “Everything fell apart on me and I haven’t been able to sustain myself, provide for myself and these are essential services.

“I just wish people knew what it was like. I wish they understood what it was like to drive for these services.”

He captioned his post with a plea for help.

The clip has since been viewed more than one million times on the video-sharing platform, garnering over 209,000 likes and 12,000 comments.

Many people sympathised, with one replying: “I scream at people who order food through DoorDash and such DAILY but do not tip!! It is super weird and insulting.”

Another wrote: “I always tip if I can and if I can’t then I don’t order.”

“OMG I’m so sorry,” said someone else.

A fourth posted: “I’m so sorry love. It’s the system though… it’s not the customers’ fault.”

Others encouraged him to find a better paying job and blame the corporations instead of the customers.

The delivery driver later added that either way he thought the whole situation was “wrong” but hoped his video would help “raise awareness”.


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