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Satisfied Life

I saw a social media post after the recent unrecoverable loss of (actor) Sushant Singh Rajput. The post was “A Satisfied Life is Better than a Successful Life. Because our success is measured by others. But our satisfaction is measured by our own Soul, Mind & Heart.”

Satisfied humans become a Vulnerable Species these days. Everyone wants to become successful instead of being satisfied with what they have already with them. People define success by money, fame, property, showoffs, good looks, etc. But all these things are perishable when they tend to lose any of them then comes the biggest enemy in picture “DEPRESSION” which kills a person from inside like a slow poison.

No one ever thinks in this busy life that how much they are satisfied, and how much they already have which many of the others don’t have. Either past holds a person or aspirations of a brighter and so-called successful future not let people focus or realize their present.

Even kids & the young generation have gadgets in their hands instead of going out, playing on the streets, exchanging happiness and feelings with friends. Nature again gives us time during this pandemic & lockdowns to think about ourselves and being satisfied at least which is in our hands instead of running behind success which depends on the external factors. So friends, think once please that are you satisfied? are you enjoying your present? if not then share those factors which are missing with family, friends, colleagues or on virtual network like LinkedIn so maybe someone can help you out.

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