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Prince Harry ‘doesn’t give a damn’ about family’s feelings, royal author claims

Prince Harry ‘doesn’t give a damn about’ about the feelings of his close family and ‘can do what he likes’, a royal author has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex has been secretly working on a memoir for nearly a year, it has emerged.

Harry 36, confirmed the forthcoming release of his autobiography on Monday.

He is set to discuss Megxit and open up about life in the Royal Family after collaborating with a top American ghostwriter. The book is due out late next year.

In a TV interview royal author Robert Jobson, who recently published a book on Prince Charles, claimed that releasing the book showed the prince didn’t care about the feelings of some family members.

Sources claim there is a “tsunami of fear” within royal circles about what Harry will say (


He said: “I’m just intrigued by it, I’m looking forward to it, to reading it, I think it’s going to have a massive impact upon the Royal Family and certainly upon the relationships with his brother going forward.

“But what it does show is really Harry does not give a damn actually about the feelings of his grandmother or his brother or his father.

“He doesn’t care, he’s got the money now, he’s independent of his father, he’s independent of the Royal Family and pretty much thinks he can do what he likes and it looks like he can.”

It comes after a YouGov survey found almost one in 10 people say he should not have signed the publishing agreement – and most won’t read it.

Two-thirds of Brits were said to be ‘not interested at all’ in reading Prince Harry’s new book – with over a third saying it is ‘inappropriate’ for him to publish it.

In a poll of 5,808 adults in the UK, nearly 40 per cent agreed that the decision to write the book was not right.

Some 15 per cent thought it was ‘fairly inappropriate’.


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