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No family is perfect

It takes more than the birds and the bees to create a family, some truly are chosen and loved just as much. ~ Robin Terry

No matter how much trouble there may be in a family. The whole concept is in being able to forgive each other for the mistakes we make. ~ Althea Eisaman

We are human, we all make mistakes but, not talking to each other, you miss so many good times together too. ~ Suzanne Talijan

Hurray to every family who has survived crisis in life. Not every family is able to do so. Some fade away into oblivion. Forgetting the ties that bounded them throughout their lives. We grateful to have a wonderful family to support you and always with you during your hard times. ~ Gilda Welan

Some people can’t get past their mistakes. Own up to their inconsiderate behavior and then stop talking to the party they injured. They should realize, holding a grudge and being vindictive is totally immature and an indication of their true mean spirit. ~ Sue Mischel

We are all different but family is a family no matter what and it takes a lot of work to keep it together. ~ Rena Kimbrell

We can fully depend on our family all the time.

When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly, when misunderstanding grow up, cut your ego, not your relationship.

We get into each other’s nerve and sometimes it comes to no speaking term for a while but if an outsider gives that family member a hard time we stick and stand for that one that we don’t talk to for months or years. We still love them no matter what, so what we should be doing is make some sacrifices to compromise and stop being proud. Apologize for the perceived wrong because as long as possible if it is depending on you or when you have the power to do peaceable at all times. Being angry does not solve a thing it just take tolls on your whole being and eventually shows physically like hypertension, blood pressure, heart attacks or unending depression. ~ Norma Powell

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