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Never Lie

1. The first reason one should choose not to lie is the obvious reason that it is immoral. Of course, if this doesn’t mean much, then the next 9 reasons are for you.

2. Second, it can be very stressful to come up with alternate stories. Who wants to add more stress to their life?

3. By lying, you’re avoiding facing the truth and you’re not progressing or growing as a person.

4. What happens if you forget what you had lied about? Then you’re out of luck.

5. Another reason is that by lying, you’re showing disrespect to those around you. If you truly care about them, you must tell them the truth no matter how much it may hurt you. It’s selfish to keep it from them.

6. If you tell the truth, you will no longer be alone in coping, and even if you get into trouble for it, in the end you’ll at least learn from the mistake.

7. It takes a lot of bravery to tell the truth, so why not brave up and try it? There’s no shame in being courageous.

8. If you always tell the truth, then people will love you for who you truly are and not the person you’ve invented.

9. Some of the most seriously embarrassing moments include being caught in a lie. Why risk being in this position?

10. And finally, you could lose everything: your friends, your husband or wife, your family, your job.

Lying simply isn’t worth the risk. So why not step up and tell the truth? It may hurt, but it’s almost always better in the end.

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