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Never forget who helped you

Let me start with my own Life’s incident before I put my thoughts infront of you … I have a friend, he is friend from almost 20 years . Now also he makes sure to call atleast once a month though stays far away in some other country to ask, how I am and I too do the same as I feel grateful of his attributes. The beauty of his call is, he opens the call with How are you Roopika? Hope all is well at your end, I am sure even if it is worse you will manage… & closes with an underlining statement that, I am always available, please do call in case of any need and Let us meet, which he knows we will never meet unless he comes to my country and my home..ha..ha.. !! He has helped me a lot in my life and I too have that gratitude towards him not to forget any time. His call is my life’s priority call, like a God’s call. He takes a fatherly position in my life. Some relationships are so special that, we consider them inside our hearts and we tell everyone passing our life about them.

Family, friends, colleagues…you name and they know about them. I have an attitude of not separating them from my life so, I make sure my family and friends knows them personally. When we talk , we talk the whole world as if we are sitting next to each other… and the call goes on hours till we hang up. I feel blessed many a time to have such matured person as a friend in my life who never forgot me and not changed his attributes. People change from time to time but some don’t, even after any change in their life.

God bless all those who have wonderful people around. Never forget those who have helped you when you were in need. Feel proud to take them around with you and make them part of your life. I would say they are your extended family. In the verge of newness or new people or filling your own requirements, you may just walk off ignoring them, many not even bothered of them & they are hurt when you go off. But you also think that, there are another set of people waiting to hurt you. What you do to others will definitely come back and that is the power of reflection.

What is that making people so desperate to walk off from the life of people who helped? In the beginning the new relationships gives the satisfaction and happiness of inner need but when you turn back, the genuine people look like angels who supported and walked their life without even questioning, when they are left for no reason. The people who give are meant to give. They keep giving as, it’s their attribute and they can’t live without giving. If not to you, to someone else. Preserve the diamonds, which always shines in the sky.

An act of gratitude drives us in life safely to every direction we move on. Gratitude will not end just by saying “Thanks”, it ends when you do something in return or always you keep them in your heart and I am sure the universe gives you a chance to pay them back in this life time, as I got a chance to listen to my friend when he was in crucial situation where he could not express it to others but with me. Now smile remembering the helped heart…Have a great time remembering those who helped you to lift you up.

God bless all…

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