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I may not be perfect

I am what I am. I may not be perfect and I make mistakes but when I care, I care with all my heart.

I am not a perfect person. I’m not as talented as the experts. I am also not romantic, thoughtful in relationships.

I make mistakes sometimes. I still occasionally make the wrong opinions and decisions. But when I really care about something, I will do it with all my heart.

I am interested in my job. I find new ways and approaches to improve the work efficiency. I work hard and try to complete all the tasks and goals assigned.

I care about my wife. I love and take care of her with all my heart and my ability. I always put myself in her position, to listen, understand, share and appreciate her.

I am still who I am, someone who is not perfect, someone who is still making mistakes. I am also me, I do everything with all my heart.

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