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Matt Hancock ‘affair’ is ‘serious’ and he is ‘in love with Gina’, friend says

Matt Hancock is said to be ‘in love’ with the woman he was filmed kissing in his office, according to a close pal.

The former Health Secretary finally resigned yesterday after footage was released of him kissing aide Gina Coladangelo at the Department of Health’s London HQ.

The married dad-of-three reportedly rushed home and told his wife Martha that he was leaving her after finding out a newspaper had obtained the shocking video.

Although he apologised for breaking social distancing rules, he initially refused to resign before finally relenting yesterday.

One of Mr Hancock’s pals has now told the Mail on Sunday that his alleged affair with Ms Coladangelo is ‘serious’.

Mr Hancock
Mr Hancock’s steamy embrace at the Department of Health’s London HQ was caught on CCTV

The friend said: “They are in love… It is serious.”

The source also reportedly insisted that the alleged affair began last month, with the office kiss recorded on May 6.

However, the roots of their romance stretch back to their time at the student radio station Oxygen FM, where they both worked.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Hancock was a sports reporter for the station, while Ms Coladangelo was a breakfast show co-presenter.

Mr Hancock reportedly told his wife he was leaving her after finding out his kiss would be exposed
Mr Hancock reportedly told his wife he was leaving her after finding out his kiss would be exposed (Image: Image: The Sun)

Maxie Allen, programme co-ordinator of the station, knew both of them and said he imagines Mr Hancock always had a ‘crush’ on her as she was confident and ‘certainly very popular with young men’.

Maxie, 46, said of Gina: “She struck me as someone who would get what they want.

“He’s done well. This wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t the Health Secretary and she wasn’t lobbying, that is blatantly obvious to anyone who knew them back then.

“Gina was very glamorous, very nice and very good looking – all the young men held a candle for her. She was suave, composed and elegant. Most men would have given their right arm to go out with her.”

The former Health Secretary
The former Health Secretary’s wife thought their marriage was ‘happy and stable’ (Image: Internet Unknown)

The university friends apparently stayed ‘close pals’ after leaving Oxford – and she was handed a £15,000-a-year role last year as a non-executive director at the Department of Health.

Since the pair’s steamy embrace was exposed this week, Mr Hancock has been slammed for hypocrisy.

Just a few days after his smooch with Ms Coladangelo, he urged members of the public to be ‘careful’ about hugging others and suggested they should only do so outside with fully vaccinated people, the Mail on Sunday reports.

After being told by The Sun that they’d obtained the CCTV footage, Mr Hancock reportedly raced home on Thursday night to tell his wife he was leaving her.

He announced to Martha, who thought they were “happy and stable,” their marriage was over, according to The Sunday Times.

Mr Hancock even reportedly woke up their youngest child, who is eight years old, to say that he was leaving. The couple had been married for 15 years, having met at university.


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