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Just be happy

The 10 Rules on How to Always Be Happy
It all starts with eliminating your negativity. It’s logical, if you focus on the negative, it’s impossible to be happy…

Weeding Out of All The Negatives
I can’t stress enough, how crucial this is for your happiness, and not just for that, but for your entire success and prosperity in life. We constantly live, day by day, without ever exploring and understanding our Mind.

There are few simple exercises that you MUST do if you want to get rid of all your negatives.

You see, our Mind is like dancing monkey. It’s working constantly, every second and it never stops! It is not only working, but it’s working chaotically, it’s scattered all over the place, it’s exactly like a dancing monkey!

Try to monitor your thinking. You will indeed find that you are thinking thoughts all the time, and most of them are useless, your Mind is jumping from thought to thought and sometimes it’s like crazy. This is how my Mind works, how everyone’s Mind works, BUT not forever, if you do this exercises!

So, this is an example what can possible happen in someone’s inner world in just a matter of minutes or seconds: For example, a person is driving his car, going home after work, and in his outer world there are streets, buildings, all kinds of other cars and people driving, there are the traffic lights, people walking on the streets and so on.

But this is what’s going on in his inner world:

“I am so pissed off, that idiot Ryan is the most incompetent boss in the world! How could he say such idiotic things, he doesn’t even know what we are doing in the company and that Julia, I can’t stand her, her face, just so terrible, and my wife, I’ll have a big argument with her, how can she call me in the middle of the meeting, she knows that I can’t answer the phone, dammit, I forgot to call Terry, arghh, my stomach hurts me, I can’t wait to go home and lie in the bed, tomorrow we need to go to that village I’ll have peace there, what am I talking about my family is great and my job is not that bad, I am earning good, my wife loves me, oh no, I forgot to buy the flowers, it’s my mums birthday today, BLABLABLA it NEVER STOPS!”

My friend, our Mind is like a dancing monkey and we need to discipline it! I will give you here 3 excellent techniques for gaining control over it, and for getting rid of the negative thoughts:

Start Observing Your Thoughts (Every now and then, throughout the day, try to stop what you are doing and start to observe your thoughts. Regardless if you are stressed, excited, angry, happy, mad, joyful, simply stop, and start to follow and observe your thoughts. This will help you to understand your Mind better, and soon it will bring you to a whole new awareness that you did not know it exists before)
The Stop It! Technique (What you do with this one is whenever you catch yourself having a negative thought, simply start yelling in your Inner world STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, and immediately insert a totally different idea. Don’t react to the negatives, just stop it, and start thinking about something entirely different)
The “Conscious-Following” Technique (Same thing, whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, start to consciously follow your thoughts and keep repeating to yourself “ I am just experiencing a negative thought and that’s all”, let it flow, but don’t get caught up into it! Just keep repeating, “It’s only a negative thought, It’s only a negative thought”
This is the first step it is crucial if you want to gain inner peace! Follow the instructions and realize that you can’t weed everything out in a day or a week! You should do little bit of weeding, every day, for few months, and that’s when the real results will be felt!

How To be Happy Rules

Live In The Present Moment
If you try to monitor your thinking process, just close your eyes and let your thoughts go wherever they will, you’ll notice that we constantly travel in the past and in the future. It is very rare to be focused on the present moment and be mindful.

Perhaps you’d think about what you had for breakfast that day, maybe what you did yesterday at work, or maybe your plans for the upcoming weekend…Try to be mindful, at least from time to time (nobody is asking you to do this 24/7, otherwise, you’d be called The Buddha).

Focus on your breathing, go and make a cup of coffee, drink it mindfully sip by sip, focus on the sounds around you, talk with your family, spouse or friends mindfully and be aware of each word spoken, simply live your life and be present in the moment whatever you are doing.

Happiness is in the present, not in the future, not in the past. Although sometimes travelling back and forth in time can make you feel good, for true and lasting happiness, you must train your mind to live in the present moment.

Express Gratitude For Every Second
Perhaps enjoying and living the moment might be difficult for you. Although you shouldn’t quit trying and practicing, a good technique that will compensate this, and increase your happiness even further, is practicing the method of sincere and honest gratitude.

Be grateful for each second that you are alive. Feel gratitude for the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Be thankful for your health, for your family, for the love around you, for your material possessions starting from your clothes and shoes all the way to your house and car.

Be thankful for everyone and everything. Express your gratitude for the magnificent things that are yet to come to you, for the blessings that you receive from the Universe, and please, do all of these consciously. Be aware in the moment!

It sure will make you a happy person, and not only that, it will attract even more positive things into your life!

Learn to Love, Understand and Forgive Others

Contemplate Your “Ideal Happy Place”
What is your favorite place in life? Perhaps it’s an exotic beach or a beautiful far-away island? Maybe it is your dream house? Or perhaps it’s your own quiet room? Maybe a concert performed by your favorite band?

Whatever the place that makes you feel good is, try contemplating it, and directing all your energy and focus towards it. Try to see the details and visualize it vividly. Feel the joy and peace that you would if it was really happening.

And you know what? It doesn’t have to be “place” in literal meaning of the word. It can be some person, perhaps your ideal soul mate… it can be a thing that evokes certain good feelings in you. It can be anything…

Contemplate this picture often and repeat the following affirmation to yourself: “Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am followed by Love, Peace and Kindness. I am grateful to be alive and live this very moment!”

Understand Your Abilities for “Control”
Most people try to control everything in their life. Understand that there are things beyond our control and learn to accept this great truth! For example, you can’t control and you can’t change world poverty… Do whatever you want, be mad, think that it is not right, frustrate yourself, you will not help it… you will never control it…

And there are thousands of other examples…Actually to be more precise, the ONLY thing that you have control over, (and there really isn’t any other one), is the ability and power to control your OWN THOUGHTS. That’s all! You can’t control other people, you can’t control your partner, you can’t control your brother, sister, mother, father… You can influence other things and people outside of you, but you can never control them…

So start controlling your life, your thoughts, and your emotions and leave the rest of the things that are beyond your control. Direct your thoughts with affirmations, meditations, visualizations and contemplations.

Do What Little Children Are Doing
Try to observe a little toddler. See the ease, the joy, the peace in their souls. They are excited all the time about everything they do, even if it is learning how to walk for the first time. You can feel that positive energy radiating from them, your intuitive factors pick it up, it’s in the air, and it vibrates!

So literally do what they are doing, sit on the ground (and yes I mean this!), and start to mimic and do what a toddler would do if it were you. See the world from with their perception. In their world, there is no Fear…there is no Worry…there is no Anger…there is no Jealousy…there is no envy, no superstition, no stress, no anxiety…

There is joy, peace, curiosity, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness!

Do What Children Do and Activate Your Imagination

Laugh at all the things as a little child would do, and try to be really silly for the sake of it!

You know what? You can try this: Go on some meadow, find a good place on the grass near some trees, and literally, lie down on your back. Start staring at the wonderful sky, look at all the trees around you, observe the breathtaking stars, and be present it that very moment! The world simply looks wonderful and amazing from this angle of the Earth.

Make your Dog the Master and You the Follower
What else in this world, if not your dog, can cheer you up and fill you with joy and hope. I mean their vibration must touch you… you can’t stay immune on their enthusiasm, unreserved love and excitement!

The next time that you take yours for a walk, let him or her lead! Do not try to control your dog, let it lead you wherever it wants to take you. Be kind and give love to it. To make this even better, take your cell phone and make pictures of him and all his favorite bushes, flowers, hills…Literally get for a moment outside of your own life, and travel into his, what’s it like to be in the body of your dog?

Give As Much As You Can
Every time you give something out from heart, I mean, REALLY from heart, without reserve, without expectation to receive something back in return, what you are actually doing is you are setting in motion the most powerful forces in the Universe which will reward you tenfold for your kindness!

When you give to others, regardless of what it is, starting from a single smile, a nice and warm compliment, your time and attention, helping other people, all the way to giving out your clothes, tasty food, a present and so on, you will not only feel happy and fulfilled, but God will always without exception, find a way to give you back, and the blessings come like magic!

Don’t expect to receive something in return from the same person you helped and gave something. You never know where it will come back from…

Start being really kind to people. Show genuine interest and attention about their life, about their dreams, their problems. Make them feel as if they matter and as if they are a worthwhile person.

Concentrate on all the difference that you are or possibly could make in anyone’s life.

The Power Of Giving In Life

Write this affirmation on a sheet of paper and read it every day: “I sincerely and honestly give love and compassion to everyone I meet. I know that I make a difference in all the lives I touch, and I am willing to give even more!”

Bizarre Arts and You
Begin doing something bizarre that will let you express your inner passions and hidden beliefs. Do something that will make your energy flow and release all your resentment and guilt.

Have you heard about finder painting? Basically what you do is sit in your favorite room and start painting using only your hands. Play some nice classical music, bring the colors and start painting freely. Follow your intuition and instincts, express your entire being and trust this process.

Do not set any “rules” for the finger painting. Literally, just glide freely and creatively and paint as you may!

Of course you are not limited only to this technique. Find any similar activity which works for you, and unleash your hidden genius!

Burn the Negative
With this technique what you do is the following: Whenever you find yourself stressed or in a negative mood, perhaps you became angry because of your boss or spouse, or maybe your neighbor spilled dirty water on your balcony, whatever the reason, take a sheet of paper and write your feelings out. Write all your resentment, all your anger; write all your negative emotions!

Then, take a lighter and literally BURN IT! Burn it until the end, and keep repeating to yourself “I’m releasing all my negative energy along with this fire!”

Burn Your Negatives

The Power of this activity alone is simply incredible, start using and see for yourself!

The “Magical Letter”
Every day, send a magical letter to yourself and to the world. Get up in the morning and express gratitude for another beautiful day in your life.

Sit on your desk and begin writing a letter, first to yourself and to the whole world. Write freely with any reservations… wish to yourself all the love, compassion and blessings that you could possibly think of.

Do the same for all other people. Wish them happiness, health and wealth.

After finishing the letter, read it out loud and say express your gratitude to the Universe, or God, or whatever you believe in…

Some Last Words…
Remember, happiness exists only in your Inner World, and never outside of you. It is not something you get, something you buy, or something you find in the world. You search for it within yourself! It is all about the feelings you generate inside you.

Start giving more to the community and the world, become a kind and pleasant person, wish happiness and love to everyone, and by all means, take the time to have a toddler’s perspective.

And as with everything in life, just by reading this article and all of these Rules, it won’t do you any good… You will NOT become a happy person, just by reading this!

You have to step into action and USE the above techniques in your own life. Only through their implementation you can feel the benefits and blessings of a truly happy life which you most certainly deserve!

Now it’s up to you, you have the key, but you must open the door yourself!

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