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“I really have to go this time…” says the patient to his wife of 80 years as they have one last goodbye kiss

We sometimes take for granted the fact that life is unpredictable, we can be here one minute and gone the next. This affectionate photo speaks volumes and has a touching story behind it.

An XY photographer won first prize at the Hong Kong Film Festival with a photo aptly titled “Goodbye Kiss”. The elderly couple featured in the photo are actually the photographer’s parents. His father was seriously ill for many months and was in a coma for a long time.

He came out of a coma for a moment and said to his wife in a barely audible whisper “Kiss, kiss…”and his wife burst into tears.

The photo captured the moment when she leaned down and gave her husband a gentle kiss.

XY’s parents met when they were only children of about 7 years of age.

XY’s mother is the girl on the left in the back row and his father was standing on the right of the same row.

The two of them grew up together and when they reached adulthood they decided to get married and start a family. Time flies, in the blink of an eye, how many decades have they cherished together. They have beautiful children, grow up healthy and then have children of their own.

A photo of the couple when they were only teenagers. His mother was 18 and his father was 19 at the time this photo was taken.

They were surrounded by the birth of their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren throughout the course of their lives.

They’ve had countless birthday celebrations together and each time they cut the cake, they grew a little older and a little wiser.

However, difficult times are coming for the couple as XY’s father’s health continues to deteriorate. With frequent trips to the hospital and regular care of his wife, he was able to recover.

She took care of him day and night because she couldn’t leave him while he was recovering.

His health deteriorated and he soon became confined to a wheelchair because he did not have the strength to move on his own. That didn’t stop his wife from taking him out because she still went shopping with him by pushing his wheelchair with her.

They were inseparable because she refused to leave his side until he fully recovered.

They would even play chess occasionally so they can flex their mental capacities and try to get the better of their opponent.

However, her husband’s health only got worse and he was soon admitted to the intensive care unit. She was by his side throughout the process and was there, holding his hand as he passed away at the age of 84.

She still flips through pictures of them together over the years and can hardly believe he’s really gone.

When she lost him, she felt like she had lost half of herself, but knew that the love of her life was actually in a better place now.

Cherish your time with your parents, they have given their all to see us grow and now we should give our all to repay them.

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