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I have a caring heart

There are people who show compassion and kindness towards others, but then there are the people who don’t care about what they say to people. There are times when I hear mean things being said, when someone is mad, which happens sometimes, but they never come back to apologize. Then there are those people who keep asking what’s wrong with someone but then when they tell them, they don’t care. Why ask a question when you don’t care about the answer? It makes the person feel even worse. Instead of pretending to care, why don’t we make an effort to really care about a person’s feelings?

You would think people who are out of high school would show kindness to others because they’re not in cliques anymore, but you would be surprised. People who are rude to others in high school tend to carry that with them throughout college also. Being compassionate and kind isn’t just for people who are down to earth, it’s for everyone. When we are kind to others it makes people feel good about themselves. When we are compassionate it makes people feel like they’re not alone. If you want to make this a better place, don’t be mean and ignorant towards people, because sooner or later it’s going to come back to bite you.

There was a time one of my really close friends had someone who would always bother her and be rude to her for no reason. When my friend was upset about a situation, the person giving her a hard time pretended like they cared. They would continuously ask what was wrong with her, and she didn’t want to tell that person. That person wouldn’t leave her alone about it, so finally she told her what was bothering her. That person didn’t even care, because they wanted to know how good they looked. Why would you pretend to care about someone if you really don’t? That made my friend feel even worse. If you’re not going to be kind to someone, then please don’t pretend like you care. It shows that you are not a kind person, and that’s really sad.

A person is never too old or too young to be compassionate. When you show someone you care, it makes them feel like things can get better, especially if they’re having a bad day. When we take out our time to show kindness, we can turn a bad day into a good day. Whether it’s a “Hello,” a smile, a hug, or even “How’s your day going?” it can really help someone cheer up. When you lend a listening ear to someone who’s having a bad day, it can make them feel better because it’s showing you care about them.

When we are more observant of the people around us, we notice things we normally wouldn’t see if we didn’t take out our time to look beyond the people around us. If you ever see someone who looks like they could use a helping hand, go and help them. Even the simplest kind gestures make a big difference. Don’t be kind and compassionate if you feel like you have to, do it because your heart is telling you to. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want someone to help you if you were in need?

Look beyond someone’s face, look at their body language, they way they speak, and they way they act towards others. When we see all those things we can really see how people are feeling. Help those in need and who need a person to talk to. Don’t judge or be rude, find it in your heart to be kind and compassionate towards people. Look at the people around you and show them you care. Don’t bypass people and not have a care in the world because they’re not apart of your everyday life.

Take a little time out of your day to help someone, whether it’s a listening ear or helping someone physically. Because you know if you were ever in need of help, someone would be there for you. Never forget, your actions and words make an impact, make them a positive one!

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