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Don’t cry over the past

Don’t Cry over the Past, it’s Gone

Live every moment as if it’s the last one, live with love, forgiveness, patience and appreciate the value of life. ~ Hadeel Rifaie

We should always try to live in every moment of the life which God gave us. Life is beautiful and it’s in our hand to make it more perfect. The choice is our’s whether to think about the past all the time and cry or to enjoy the present time. Nobody knows what will happen in future so why to destroy the joy and happiness which we get today. Live a positive life and happiness will come to you. ~ Falak Angel

Try to make it beautiful for others was well. Kindness is just one of the things we can do to share the beauty with other. We can make the lives of others beautiful as well as by sharing the beauty we experience and are blessed with. ~ Robert Hodge

Enjoy the present, but I would add that we do need to prepare for the future and keep in mind the lessons of the past. It’s all a balance and it is not easy to accomplish. ~ George Sukenick

Live in present is the reality. Tomorrow nobody knows what will happen? ~ Andrea Weilguny

Being always positive is the best thing a person can do. ~ Paris Kondos

Every day is a new day with new adventures to experience.

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