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Dogs are better than humans

Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans
1. When you’re sick or sad, your pup knows and comes to comfort you out of genuine concern, not obligation.

2. Your dog will happily eat the same thing over and over and over again and never whine “Mooooom, what’s for dinner?!”

3. And even if they don’t want it, at least it’s a silent hunger strike, as opposed to fussy kids.

4. When you come home, even if you’ve only been gone a few minutes, you’re greeted by your pup with so much enthusiasm it’s as if you’ve just returned from years away at war.

5. Don’t feel like talking? No problem — your dog is happy to sit in silence and stare at the TV, too.

6. You can wear your dingiest sweats around them with unwashed hair and they won’t judge you (not that science has proven this, anyway).

7. Even when you’re late coming home because you ditched them for a few drinks with coworkers, they don’t sulk and are just happy to see you again. Try that one with the hubby/the kids.

8. Wasted food? Not on your dog’s watch. They’ll literally eat anything and be grateful for the opportunity.

9. Your pup is always keen to go for a walk and motivate you to do the same, unlike your “exercise buddy” who forever lets you down (and lets you let yourself down).

10. In fact, they’re keen to go on any adventure you dream of, and never make plans without you.

11. When you want to sleep in, they won’t nag or make you feel lazy for doing so. They’ll just join you because they want to bask in your presence, no matter how boring you’re being.

12. And finally, dogs are cute and fluffy and humans will never be cute and fluffy.

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