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Child among 5 dead after pipe bursts flooding basement with scalding water

FIVE people including a child were “boiled alive” today in a Russian hostel when a heating pipe burst and flooded basement rooms without windows.

Three more suffered serious burns from the scalding water in the city of Perm, in western Russia.

Steam can be seen gushing out of the door of the Karamel Hotel
The pipe burst in the early hours of the morning
Emergency services quickly arrived but could not save five guests

The pipe burst and flooded the Karamel hostel’s basement, flooding rooms with scalding water, according to local media.

Because there were no windows, guests were unable to escape.

Investigators opened a criminal case, with forensic investigators on hand to interview victims, carry out examinations and secure evidence at the site.

One report said residents included relatives of patients receiving cancer treatment at a nearby hospital.

Seven ambulances rushed to the scene but four victims were already dead, according to local reports.

Another is understood to have died of their injuries.

Igor Goncharov, acting regional security minister, said: “It is known that the cellar was flooded.

“Water was highly pressurised.

“All emergency services quickly arrived at the scene. The water is being pumped out now.

“Five bodies have already been found, three more people were injured, all of them are the guests of the hostel.”

A witness said: “It happened about 4 am.

“Steam was  pouring out.

“The water went up to the front door of the hostel.

“It was boiling water. I am scared to imagine what was going on inside.”

One victim Maria Uzhegova, 33, is in grave condition.

Two others named as Oleg Uzhegov, 35, and Eduard Mezentsev, 28, are also being treated in hospital.

Governor of Perm region Maxim Reshetnikov and city mayor Dmitry Samoylov visited the scene.

A criminal investigation has been launched
The hostel
Maria Uzhegova is fighting for her life after scalding water flooded into her room as she slept
Oleg Uzhegov, Maria
Edik Mezentsev is the third guest in hospital with severe burns


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