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Always show respect

Today, I just wanted to talk about one word, and that’s respect. It doesn’t matter who you’re dealing with, whether it’s a competitor or a colleague or someone you meet on the street. You always want to show respect for that person, and the reason I’m going to give you for that is not the obvious reason. It’s because showing respect sends a signal to all the other people around you. So how you treat a junior member of your team, how you treat a competitor, how you treat someone who’s arguing with you… sends a signal to everyone else what it’s like to deal with you. If you show respect, you show the type of signal you really want to send.

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A bit more background:

“He’s not worthy of respect, so I don’t have to treat him with respect,” is one of the greatest misconceptions in business.

Showing respect is not about the other person; it is a decision about how you choose to move through the world.

Being respectful doesn’t mean you agree with—or endorse—the other person’s views. Instead, it simply sends a message to all present that you are a person who is capable of listening, absorbing information and of treating other human beings with dignity.

By doing this, you bring out the best in others. You create psychological safety around you, by demonstrating that you’re not going to embarrass or humiliate someone simply because you disagree with him or her.

In essence, showing respect encourages others to, in turn, show respect to you. It creates space for dialogue and the exchange of ideas. It makes room for good things to happen.

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