Heavy snow to hit UK this week as -7C icy blast batters country - Daily Net

Heavy snow to hit UK this week as -7C icy blast batters country

BRITAIN is set for a cold and foggy week as some areas may struggle to see temperatures rise above freezing late at night.

The Met Office said it has already issued fog warnings for parts of the West Midlands and north-west England to start the week.

A wintry scene on Sunday morning near Keswick in Cumbria
Mist rolls across Glastonbury in Somerset as Brits woke up to a frosty morning on Sunday
Sheep in a frost covered field at Corfe Castle in Dorset
Britain is in the grip of a deep freeze

The conditions come after The Met Office confirmed Northern Ireland experienced its coldest night of the winter.

Elsewhere, the temperature fell to -6.8C in North Yorkshire’s Topcliffe, and hovered around -1C across the capital over the weekend.

Despite the expected foggy conditions, most of the country is expected to see sunshine.

A Met Office spokesman said, “We could wake up to freezing fog on Monday,” adding “the temperature could also be down to -6 or -7” that night.

“During the day time the temperatures will be struggling to get into single figures despite the sunshine.”

But while the south of Britain will see cold dry weather, northern parts could see snow.

The Met Office forecast for the rest the month says: “Snow will be most likely over northern hills, but it could fall to lower levels at times, mainly in the north, during colder interludes.”

The cold snap comes after Storm Brendan lashed parts of the UK last weekend, causing road closures and rail disruption, along with winds of up to 80mph.

The low temperature has promoted a cold weather alert to be issued by Public Health England from 6pm on Sunday to 6pm on Tuesday.

The organisation is urging people to prepare for cold weather conditions and look out for those most at risk.

Dr Owen Landeg, principal environmental public health scientist at PHE, said: “Below 18 degrees, changes to the body mean that the risk of strokes, heart attacks and chest infections increase so heating homes to this temperature is particularly important to stay well.”

A cyclist rides through a frost-covered Richmond Park in south west London
A dog walker takes in the stunning sunrise over the River Almond in West Lothian
Sunrise over a frost coated Glastonbury in Somerset
A horse is pictured among frosty grass in the New Forest, Hants

Credit: thesun.co.uk

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