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My boyfriend refuses to divorce his ex unless I pay for it. Is this relationship worth saving?

When you want the best advice, where do you turn? The internet is full of commenters who have been through it all and can share their opinions on life, love, and even divorce.

Morgan Absher is an occupational therapist in L.A. who famously shares advice on both her podcast and published articles. She was recently asked a question about divorce on USA Today that got the internet riled up. Everyone had something to say about the situation, and even Morgan was pretty shocked about what was going down.

Question About Divorce
Asking for relationship advice is usually what happens when someone knows what they should do already, but they need to hear it said to them in a different way. Outside perspectives are pretty important when it comes to seeing red flags for what they truly are.

It all started when a 39-year-old woman posted her story to Morgan and asked if her relationship was worth saving. She describes her current relationship as distant and lacking communication.

“I am a 39-year-old female and my boyfriend is a 33-year-old male. We have been together for five years. There are a few things I can’t handle and have voiced my opinion on, but I get called crazy or just get ignored. Communication for us has been minimal for the past two years or so.”

USA Today
As if that weren’t already an alarming condition to face each day in a relationship, things seem to only get worse from here.

“He is still married to his ex. While he has promised a divorce, he refuses to get one now unless I pay for it. He and I are intimate three times a month and only when he wants to. He doesn’t compliment or acknowledge any of my social media posts or things I send directly to him (like racy pictures).”

The Final Straw
According to the person who asked the question to Morgan, their husband is acting a bit selfish. Sure, birthdays can be spent however the person having the special day wants to have them. But your partner should be included, right? Or, at least anniversaries are considered something to share, aren’t they?

“What has recently made me upset and is my last straw, is that he decided he wanted to take time off for his birthday. I am not mad that he wants to go and do something alone for his birthday. I’m more upset that he didn’t ask if I was doing anything for him, which I always do, and didn’t ask if I wanted to go.

I’m mad that he can take time off for his own birthday, but can’t take off for my birthday or our anniversary. The past two years he has done nothing for both my birthday or anniversary.”

So, naturally, the person who sent the question in wants some solid advice. And, thankfully, the internet was not going to let them down.

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