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Woman shares quick tip to make your house smell amazing overnight with fabric softener

WE can’t deny that we’re totally obsessed with candles – but let’s be honest, they don’t always do a great job of scenting the whole house.

Well instead of buying incense for every room, one savvy woman has revealed how she uses fabric softener to make her house smell heavenly.


And to be totally honest, we’re kind of disappointed we never thought of this before.

Earlier this week, mum Louise shared her quick and easy tip on her TikTok account MyMammyBetterThanUrs.

Talking her 10,900 followers through the process, Louise explained how she puts the plug in her sink and adds a capful of fabric softener over the top.

She said: “Add boiling hot water from the kettle, leave it overnight and your house will smell amazing. Try it!”

Although you can use any fabric softener, Louise raved about Lenor
  • Lenor Ruby Jasmine Fabric Softener, £2.50 from ASDA – buy now

Although any fabric softener will do, Louise raved about Lenor’s Ruby Jasmine scent.

The video racked up over 100,000 views in less than 24 hours – and cleaning fans are desperate to try it.

One replied: “Well I just got out of bed to do it. Hope it works!”

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Another added: “Love this!”

Meanwhile, a third recommended: “Put some in an empty spray bottle and spray your bedding and carpet.”

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