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The Following Are The Native American Zodiac Signs. Which One Are You?

Here is a twist on the old pickup line, “What’s your sign?” Native Americans go by zodiac signs that refer to animals that are akin to their belief system. For the birth dates: JANUARY 20th-FEBRUARY 19th, you would be the sign of the OTTER. The characteristics of the otter that you might possess, is that you are a bit of a sphinx. Because you have a unique perspective on how you view the world, which dictates how you resolve problems, others may find you hard to understand. You display empathic qualities, as well as courage and honesty.

If you are born in between FEBRUARY 20th-MARCH 19th, you are known as the sign of the WOLF. Like the wolf you can be somewhat wild in your emotionality, with insightful abilities well beyond those of others. As part of how you come to these insights, you tend to have an observant nature, capable of listening to others, but may be hard for others to figure out.

Birthdays between MARCH 20th-APRIL 19th are the sign of the FALCON. Like the Falcon, you have strong leadership qualities that attract others to follow your judgement calls. You can be supportive of others, but need to be mindful of becoming too judgmental.

Being born between APRIL 20th-MAY 20th, you would be the sign of the BEAVER. Known as the “engineer” of the Native American Zodiacs, you, like the Beaver, are known to have strong organizational skills. You have an intense work ethic and a quick wit and intelligence. You do have a tendency toward anxiety and a possessive streak in your relationships.

The Zodiac sign of the DEER lies between the birth dates of MAY 21st-JUNE 20th. Like the DEER you are quick on your feet. You inspire others in a most charming way, getting them to laugh with your wonderful sense of humor. Vigilant in your surroundings, you can be self-absorbed with a tendency towards mercurial moods.

JUNE 21st-JULY 21st is the sign of the WOODPECKER. A natural nurturer, with deep empathy for others, you listen deeply and your priority is doing service to improve lives. Your ability to empathize makes you a wonderful partner and parent, and you really can think on your feet. You can have a tendency towards being stubborn, which can lead towards jealous and angry displays of emotion.

Born between JULY 22nd-AUGUST 21st, you are the sign of the SALMON. You have an effervescent personality, and are creative and intelligent. Your bubbly personality is contagious, as you bring enthusiasm to all that is important to you. At times, the flip side of your personality may be prone to periods of depression and self-centeredness.

From AUGUST 22nd-SEPTEMBER 21st you are the sign of the BEAR. Reserved and logical in how you navigate life, but when you are provoked you can be quite forceful. Great in business relationships and reasonable with friends and family, the bear in you shows patience and tolerance toward people’s differences as long as you are not pushed too far.

The sign of the RAVEN is between SEPTEMBER 22nd-OCTOBER 22nd. You are naturally charming, particularly in business interactions, because you pick up on cues in order to reach your goals. Socially adept, you navigate the city well. You emulate the clever strategies of others, and use them for your own good.

Surprisingly, if you are the sign of the SNAKE, OCTOBER 23rd-NOVEMBER 22nd, you are the most highly spiritual of all the signs. In the Native American culture these people tend to be the Shamans. Generally, this sign has great medical abilities.

The sign of the OWL refers to those born between NOVEMBER 23rd-DECEMBER 21st. Although hardships may roll off your back and you can be warm and engaging, you may have an impenetrable shell when you sense danger. You are capable of being both prudent and impulsive in your behavior.

Last, but not least, if born between DECEMBER 22nd-JANUARY 19th you are the sign of the GOOSE. With your eye on the goal, you have a strong desire to achieve, and some fear of failure. Your talents are vast, as you drive toward success, always keeping your eye on keeping the peace. Let us know if you think your Native American Zodiac sign resonates for you and WATCH the video below for more information.

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