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A Simple Life Hack To De-Fog Your Windows Quickly During The Polar Vortex 2019

Out of all the driving hazards that cold winter weather brings along with it, foggy car windows are often the most overlooked. When the interior glass gets all white and hazy it can be incredibly hard, and sometimes downright impossible, to see out of. While just about every car comes equipped with vents and a defrost setting, they don’t always work as well as they should.

Fog occurs when there is humidity in the air and the temperature changes, which causes the moisture to build up on the inside of car windows. If your car’s defrost system is less than stellar then you know how much of a real pain it is to get your windshield dry and clear. Impaired visibility combined with rain, snow, or any other type of winter weather that is already making it hard to see can equal a whole lot of stress, or even disaster.

Instead of wiping windows in vain while driving down the road or fumbling with all the climate settings and blasting air at them, try this simple trick. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to effectively prevent any car windows from fogging up in the first place. DaveHax, YouTube’s go-to guy for easy do it yourself tips, shows us all how to safely and efficiently remove excess moisture from our car interior before winter really sets in. Here’s what you will need:

One pair of socks with no holes in them
Cat litter, try to get the silica crystal variety
A roll of tape

In the video DaveHax explains that he used silica crystal cat litter because compared to regular old clay litter it absorbs a lot more moisture, but really any type will do the job. First, take a sock and fill it up with cat litter. For this part it helps to use a roll of tape just to keep the sock open while you’re filling it. Stretch the sock over the roll, as demonstrated in the video, then remove it when the sock is near full. Next, tie off the sock end with a knot or two before placing it in second sock to make it extra safe and secure. Nobody wants messy cat litter all over their car. Plus, what good is one sock, you may as well put it to good use!

All that’s left to do now is to place the sock inside your car. You can stick it under a seat, on the dashboard, in the car door pocket, anywhere you want will work and in a few days you should notice a major difference. The litter acts to absorb all of the trapped moisture that’s lingering in the car, thus keeping windows fog free and you safe!

This may seem too cheap and easy to be true, but it works remarkably well. Check it out, try it yourself, and say goodbye to squinting through the fog while trying to drive safely.

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