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5 Reasons Not to Throw Away Old Pillowcases

Unlike socks, pillowcases are difficult to lose. But that doesn’t mean they can’t wind up sad and alone after losing their sheet set family or aging out of the linen lineup.

So, they accumulate as short stacks in your closet, too nice to be thrown away yet without any real purpose. Until now.

You already know you can use them for cleaning; they make great rags and ceiling fan wipes. Don’t toss them out with the dirty pillows. Do more!

Read on to find out how to make good use of your old pillowcases— even if you have no sewing skills whatsoever.

Laundry Bags

Don’t want to ruin your delicates or lose socks? Place your pantyhose, scarves, or other delicates into a pillowcase to protect them during a wash. Kids’ plush toys can also be tossed into one so they won’t get damaged during a cycle. Just be sure to tie the bag up first.

Separate loads with pillowcases before or after they make it to the laundry room to make sorting easier. And if you’re heading out of town, pack some in your luggage to keep your shoes or dirty clothes together!

Art Smock

Worried about the kiddos creating a mess when they’re in Picasso mode? Do everyone a favor and whip up a DIY art smock by cutting a neck hole and arm holes into a pillowcase. If you’ve got the skills and are feeling fancy, use ribbon to tie up the shoulders or to create side-ties.

Garment Shield

Instead of going with plastic or vinyl garment covers, slip a pillowcase over your hangers to protect your items from dust, odors, and light. Clip a small opening in the top so you can easily slide one over the garment. Depending on the length of the pillowcase (king size or body pillow size), you may be able to cover the entire article.

Pet Bedding

Cover your pet’s bed cushion with an old pillowcase that can be swapped out easily for a new or clean one. Crafty folks can take things a step further by making a pet bed out of a pillowcase and filling it with stuffing. Not crafty but love your fur-buddy? Use one as a “blankie” or sleep mat when it’s cold or when they’re lounging outdoors.


Fragile items can be stored or packed away in pillowcases instead of newspaper or bubble wrap. Your china and glass wares can be delicately wrapped when moving or put into a storage space. It’s also better for the environment!

If these ideas don’t inspire you, you can always donate your surplus to homeless shelters, animal shelters, and of course, thrift stores. And don’t forget that these can easily be converted into bags of all sorts by adding a drawstring, tote handle, or a sash for tying. Go shopping or hang out at the beach with your homemade bag!

Did you need some ideas for your stockpile of old pillowcases? What would you pick from this list? How are you already using yours?

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