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Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Make Animal Cruelty A Nationwide Felony

Lawmakers introduce a new law that will make cruelty to animals a crime across the country. The reps. Ted Deutch and Vern Buchanan – a Democrat and a Republican – are behind the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Torture (PACT) Act, which aims to “crush, burn, drown, smother and distort animals”.

If the law is passed, those convicted of animal-related violence face up to seven years in prison if they are found guilty.

“The torture of innocent animals is disgusting and should be punished to the fullest extent permitted by law,” said Representative Buchanan at the Orlando Sentinel. His partner said it was “a sensible, non-partisan bill to give compassion to our animal laws.”

Members of Congress noted that there were other bills in the past dealing with the misuse of federal and federal animals, in particular a 2010 law to punish those who create videos, to show that animals are being tortured – but lawmakers behind the PACT law say the laws are not comprehensive enough.

Rep. Deutch added: “We have acted in the past to end the terrible trend of abuse videos, and the time has come to turn the underlying atrocities into crime as well.”

This is not the first time legislators have passed the PACT Act, which had already been unanimously passed by the US Senate in two separate cases and received more than $ 200 trillion in the last session of Congress . However, at home, former justice chairman Bob Goodlatte, who no longer works in Congress, has prevented this intervention.

The Humane Society welcomed this new launch, hoping that it would eliminate the legal loophole created illegally during the making of the video. Despite the failure of the PACT Act in the past, Sara Amundson, Chair of the Legislative Fund of the Humane Society, told Sentinel that she was optimistic that the bill would be passed this time and that it would probably reduce other types of crimes. ,

“Decades ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation recognized the seriousness of animal cruelty and its connection to escalating violence against humans,” she said.

The bill contains some exceptions to veterinary care, hunting and habitual behavior that are necessary to protect life or property from a serious animal threat.


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