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Broken And Forgotten Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After He Realizes He’s Being Rescued

Animal rescuers have seen animals in the most appalling conditions imaginable and always do their best at nurturing them back to life. However, even those who have seen it all sometimes get shocked by certain instances of animal mistreatment.

Yet they don’t get discouraged from doing their job, because there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing those cats and dogs recovering from all adversities, healing and finding forever homes.

One instance just like that made the employees of Dallas DogRRR proud to see how the hard work they do pays off.

The animal rescue group Dallas Dog RRR has showed how the life of a mistreated dog was changed by being rescued

Recently, the animal rescue group Dallas DogRRR shared the story of a badly mistreated dog named Sanford. After the unfortunate canine was found by animal control employees, he was put in a municipal shelter where he was kept for a whole week without any medical assistance that he so desperately needed.

After being rescued Sanford couldn’t stop smiling

Although things have changed dramatically once he was treated and taken to his new foster mom, Karen Velazquez.

Since the moment Sanford entered her home, he realized that he’s finally in a safe place and couldn’t be happier about it! Velazquez told The Dodo: ‘He has been all smiles ever since. I think the minute he came to my home, he realized he was in a safe place’.

However, Sanford’s story isn’t over yet, the senior is waiting for his forever home. ‘He’ll be a great family dog. He’ll get along with other dogs and all humans. He even does well with kids,” the executive director of Dallas DogRRR told The Dodo.

Here’s how people reacted to Sanford’s story

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