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23 Photos That Show Why Every Child Should Have a Pet (New Pics)

Pets are a source of ongoing positive feelings for every family. In fact, some studies show that pets help kids grow healthier and develop important spiritual qualities, such as kindness and care. Pets are the best companions for every child to have a childhood full of memories and laughter. The trick is to have a camera handy so you don’t miss any of these precious moments.

At Daily Net, we love seeing that special bond that only kids and animals can build and we’ve prepared this selection to share with you.

1. Every kid deserves a dog and every dog deserves a kid.

2. “Stay warm and cozy, my little human.”

3. What the perfect day looks like:

4. You can never have too many puppies.

5. It doesn’t have to be a puppy.

6. Besties forever!

7. “I’m just keeping the blanket in place.”

8. “I’m a tough and scary dog! Yeah, indeed.”

9. When you live in Argentina:

10. “I’m a service dog and am on special duty today.”

11. “I’m having the time of my life,” applies to all.

12. “I won because I got the pillow.”

13. “Don’t you dare wake her up, I need a break.”

14. Wow, how did you make it so big and floppy?

15. The dog is patiently waiting for his little princess.

16. — “Can you see it?”

— “See what?”

17. An autism assistance dog never leaves their kid, even in a hospital.

18. “We got a new babysitter and she fell asleep her first day on the job.”

19. “I think he’s up to something.”

20. “You’re my soul mate forever and ever.”

21. Someone is not very impressed…

22. They’re both quiet for the moment…

23. Partners in crime

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