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14 Times Nature Knew How to Astonish Us

We’re taught in school that animals can come in certain colors but no one could’ve ever imagined an all-black zebra or a lobster that is only half orange. But nature continues to surprise us even to this day!

Daily Net has selected some examples of how nature’s magic lets us see things around us differently, breaking all stereotypes.

1. It’s the bunny version of Disney’s Dumbo the Elephant.

2. We would love to pet this American Bashkir horse.

3. Any mathematician would be jealous of the symmetry on this newborn kitty’s face.

4. A kitty with a dream to run like a leopard

5. This greater sage-grouse looks like the queen of the birds!

6. This chrysalis looks like a Christmas ornament.

7. “We love you too, buddy!”

8. This pink katydid was painted with nature’s brightest palette.

9. This cat that looks like it’s made of marble

10. Belted Galloway cows are called “Oreo cows” and now we’re craving Oreos and milk.


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11. This white peacock is mesmerizing to look at.

12. Zophie, the gorgeous horse, looks like an oil painting.

13. Eclyse has mastered the mix and match technique of being half-horse and half-zebra.

14. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”


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