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February 2021

Find The 8 In Just 80 Seconds!

o not make it too easy, you only have 10 seconds to complete each puzzle. Do not cheat – it’s a way to train your willpower. The challenge is simple, but with the time limit, things become more interesting. Let’s begin: Find the 8! 1.…

Spot The Odd One Out in Less Than 5 Seconds

Do people tell you that you have an eagle eye because you are very good at finding errors or details? In case you want to continue training your observation skills, have a look at these cards. The task is to find the different letters or …

Find the panda (don’t spoil it)

Find the panda (don’t spoil it) Need a few more seconds? We’ll give you some more time … Found the panda yet? No? We’ll give you one last shot. Ready to see where it’s hidden? Alright, here it is: